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Our Diversity Statement

At Littles Lawyers, we’re lawyers for everyone. We put the client first in everything we do while embracing diversity and inclusivity.

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Age Inclusive

According to a report by the Australian Human Rights Commission, ageism is the most accepted form of prejudice in Australia, with 63% having experienced it in the last five years.

At Littles, we act for clients of all ages to address the wide-ranging issues that affect injured people at different stages of their lives. We acknowledge the variety of experiences felt by those of different age groups and will always fight to combat age-based stereotyping and remove age-related barriers in the workplace.

Whether you need advice on pursuing a medical negligence claim on behalf of your newborn baby, have had your career interrupted by injury or illness, or are an older person looking for advice on accessing services, we have the skills and experience to treat you as an individual, no matter your age.

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Disability Inclusive

Are you a person with a disability who has been injured in an accident? Or do you have a disability caused by an accident or illness? Approximately 18% of Australians have a disability and a further 22% have a long-term health condition. We are passionate about advocating on behalf of injured people and are experienced in fighting to ensure that the rights of disabled persons are upheld.

We believe that every person should be able to fully participate in society, from access to facilities at work or public areas to the provision of sufficient technological tools in the workplace or consumer-facing businesses.

At Littles, we can provide you with sage professional advice to ensure that your rights are protected while treating your case with the sensitivity it deserves.

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LGBTIQ+ Inclusive

Those in the LGBTIQ+ community can face unique and difficult challenges in the workplace, educational environments, the public sphere, or in other sectors. Littles proudly acts for LGBTIQ+ clients and believes that we have a duty to take steps to minimise discrimination in all its forms.

Our workplace culture is founded on principles of respect, inclusivity and equality, where everyone is given opportunities based on their skills and abilities and supported to achieve their goals. This attitude flows into our interactions with our clients and the wider community, where we fight to represent clients in the LGBTIQ+ community who have been treated unfairly or marginalised.

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Culturally Inclusive

Littles Lawyers is a firm made up of a culturally and linguistically diverse team who are equally passionate about advocating for the rights of people who may often face bias and structural inequality when pursuing claims.

Our bilingual and multilingual lawyers can communicate with a variety of clients in the manner that they feel most comfortable with. Littles champions cultural inclusivity in everything we do, engaging in various activities across the community to further promote cross-cultural awareness and understanding.

How We Embrace Diversity

Our diverse and inclusive team at Littles ensures that we embody our inclusive approach. We truly offer lawyers for everyone. Here’s how we embrace diversity.

Multilingual lawyers:

We provide legal services in more than sixteen languages and adopt an inclusive and understanding approach in all that we do.

Embracing innovation:

Where possible, we utilise the latest technologies to make our services as convenient as possible, particularly for less abled clients, or those in regional or rural areas.

Accessible services:

At Littles, we believe one of the most important ways that we can give back to the community is by making high-quality legal services affordable and accessible.

Inclusive workplace:

We pride ourselves on our ability to embrace the myriad of differences of all Australians. This means providing real flexibility to our people and continuing to learn and improve.

Strong cultural ties:

Our people come from a diverse range of backgrounds, and maintain strong connections with their communities.

Community initiatives:

We regularly host or participate in community events to raise awareness and understanding of legal rights and responsibilities. Littles also works closely with reputable community organisations and support services for survivors of sexual, physical and psychological abuse.

We are a part of your community.

Meet our diverse team.

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