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Littles Lawyers Innovation Statement

At Littles, our eyes are firmly set on the future.

The legal industry is known to cling to dated trends and technologies. We aim to buck these age-old traditions, championing innovation and investing in future-focused technologies that can help us work more efficiently and provide convenient services for our clients.

We have always led the legal profession when it comes to providing the highest quality legal advice and genuine client support with the help of innovative processes and modern technologies.

In line with our relentless focus on a client-centred experience, we are constantly looking for new ways to make our clients’ lives easier. That’s why we have developed industry-leading products that make the client number one, freeing our legal practitioners to do what they do best.

How We Innovate

At Littles, our innovation strategies centre around championing innovation and leveraging the latest technology to increase productivity.

Here’s how we innovate.

We use the latest communications technology.
We use the latest communications technology.

By utilising a variety of applications such as video technology and teleconferencing, we can provide more convenient and immediate access to our lawyers. This is particularly helpful for those in the community who are less able, are located in remote communities, or simply lead busy lifestyles where phone calls aren’t always a convenient option.

We invest in the latest client-focused software.
We invest in the latest client-focused software.

If you need to upload files or documents, we make it as easy as possible for you. We use the latest applications for you to send documents remotely with ease.

We leverage process automation software.
We leverage process automation software.

We utilise the latest process automation software, allowing us to drive productivity. This enables us to provide services more swiftly and with greater accuracy.

By implementing the latest technological advancements and innovative processes, Littles can deliver services accurately and efficiently, maximising convenience and increasing accessibility for our clients.

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