Unfortunately for many Australians, injuries are part of life. Countless people every year have their health and lives affected by injuries on the roads, at work, or in public places. These injuries range in severity, from plain annoying to life-changing consequences. Resultingly, it is hugely important to ensure you recover to the highest possible standard if an injury has happened to you. 

By ensuring you recover properly you have minimise the impact that this issue will have on your financial loss; as recovery allows you to return your body to as close as possible to its pre-injury condition, allowing you to return to work faster and set yourself up to continue working into the future. 

Options available for rehabilitation

In circumstances where you have suffered an injury at work, or on the road, there are options available that allow the injured person to seek rehabilitation without having to bear the substantial cost often associated with recovery.

Workplace Injuries

When an individual suffers an injury at work they can make an application to WorkCover Queensland. Once they have an accepted claim, WorkCover can fund rehabilitation for that worker. This can include things like GP visits, physiotherapy, psychology sessions, and even in some circumstances, surgeries and other significant procedures. 

Motor-vehicle Accidents

Similar to workplace injuries, when a person who is not at fault is injured on the roads, the relevant CTP insurer of the at-fault party can step in to fund rehabilitation for the injured person. Like WorkCover, this insurer funding usually covers aspects such as GP visits, physiotherapy, and psychological services. 

Why do I need lawyers?

Lawyers can assist you to ensure that whichever insurance body is supposed to be funding your treatment is keeping up their end of the bargain. In addition, a lawyer can help you ensure you maximise the amount of funding you are entitled to and can advocate on your behalf should a situation arise where there is a dispute as to the amount or type of treatment that the insurance body is willing to fund. 

Lifelong Funding

While these schemes are designed to assist people with rehabilitation, they are unfortunately limited to the time frame of the claim process. For example, once the WorkCover claim is closed, any further treatment the individual requires will have to be paid for at their own expense. 

Lifelong funding can only be provided where an individual pursues a common law claim. Common law claims require the individual to prove their injury was sustained due to the negligence of another party. Under this type of claim, certain heads of damages can be claimed for in monetary value. Meaning that future medical expenses can be claimed with the injured plaintiff receiving the money required for future treatment as a lump sum for them to spend when they require. 

Not every instance of workplace or motor vehicle accident injuries can result in a common law claim, therefore it is important that if you have suffered an injury, you contact a personal injury lawyer who will be able to advise you of your rights. 

What to do now?

Therefore, if you or someone you know has suffered an injury, there may be options available to them to assist with their recovery. Reach out to our personal injury lawyers at Littles now to find out what you could be entitled to. 

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