First things first – happy new year! From all of us at Littles, we wish you a happy 2022. (Let’s face it – 2020 and 2021 haven’t offered a lot of competition.)

It’s great that we have farewelled lockdowns (for now) and can return to gathering with friends and family, dining out, and looking forward to travel.

Having said that – if you’ve been following the news over the past few weeks, with skyrocketing COVID case numbers and long testing queues, you could be forgiven for feeling uncertain or worried about heading out.

If you’re suffering illness or injury as a result of an incident that wasn’t your fault, you might be wondering if you can still commence a personal injury claim.

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With Littles, you can.

We have continued to work hard to get results for our clients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In line with our relentless focus on client experience, we are constantly looking for new ways to make your life easier.

That includes giving you peace of mind that your claim will continue to progress – regardless of what COVID-19 throws our way.

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Remember, not all law firms are made equal. It is Littles’ industry leading technology and innovative working arrangements that allow us to continue giving our clients the best possible service.

The Littles difference

  • Business continuity: Littles has established clear protocols to ensure that your claim continues to move along seamlessly. Top tech means that Littles’ remote working arrangements are just as effective as if the team was together in the office
  • Get in touch and stay in touch: We can meet with you over the phone, Zoom, Teams, or in person in a safely socially distanced setting. Any documents can be signed remotely.
  • Medico-legal appointments: Most medico-legal providers are happy to conduct assessments remotely.
  • Settlements and court appearances: All settlement conferences and court appearances can be conducted remotely.
  • Compliance with local laws: Littles has COVID-safe plans for our offices.
  • People-focused: we know that for many of our clients, they’re already dealing with a range of stresses and emotions as a result of their injury or illness. The pandemic has added to worries about health, employment and paying the bills. If you’re struggling, let your Littles lawyer help connect you with the right support services.

    Strict limitations may apply to your claim. Don’t delay!

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