It is quite common for individuals to lose track of their past and present superannuation accounts. This can often occur when changing jobs, as some employees opt for their employer to make contributions into new fund.

What does the term ‘Lost Super’ mean?

There are two causes for a super account to be deemed ‘lost’, which are:-

  • Inactive – When no contributions or rollovers have been received into the account in the last five years.
  • Uncontactable – Your superannuation fund has not received correspondence from you or have been unable to contact you for twelve months.

What does the term ‘Unclaimed Super’ mean?

‘Unclaimed super’ refers to a super fund that has transferred the balance of an inactive account directly to the ATO. The ATO will hold this balance until the account holder transfers it to an active super account.

Requesting your lost and unclaimed super

At Littles, we are able to conduct this search from the Australian Taxation Office on behalf of our clients, using the following two forms:-

1. Australian Taxation Office Searching for Lost and Unclaimed Super; and
2. Nomination of a legal representative to act on behalf of an individual.

Results of this search will usually be received within 28 days of the request being submitted.

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